About Us

We began our company to bring something to the Arlington Municipal Airport that it did not have, an FBO. We feel we have been successful in our endeavor to bring you a full service FBO.


With an established grade A flight school we have been helping aspiring pilots achieve their dreams of aviation. We offer our students a one stop shop for all of their training needs, from start to finish, ground school to your FAA Check Ride as well as all of your flying books and airplane accessories.


We have a fantastic maintenance program for all of your aircraft needs. Our Licensed A&P IA has been around for a while and knows the in’s and out’s of all aircraft. From a simple oil change to a full annual inspection to more complex repairs and maintenance, Don has got you covered.


We are an established self-serve fuel system offering 100LL fuel. This was a very large accomplishment for us with a remodeled  ramp as well as an installation of our two 10,000 gallon fuel tanks. One of our main goals at AFS is to offer competitive priced fuel services.


In addition to our self-serve fuel, we are the exclusive provider for mobile Jet fueling at KAWO, an excellent benefit attracting corporate aircraft to Arlington Municipal Airport. Our location offers private access for the convenient transfer of passengers from ground vehicles to the waiting aircraft.


We have transformed our facility from an office building to a beautiful FBO. So come stop by, have some coffee and take a tour. You will see why we are the place to stop at KAWO.


We strive to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business.

One of our many goals here at AFS, Inc is to provide timely, professional and courterous assistance to anyone who takes part in all our numerous services that we provide.  


Feel free to navigate through our website and view our Aircraft.  Our friendly and attentive staff is looking forward to serving you.

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