Aircraft Rental

All rates are dry until further notice. 


Piper PA28-161 Warrior II      $147.00/HR


Cessna 172P N53630              $147.00/HR


Cessna 172M N64184              $147.00/HR


Limited insurance is included in aircraft rental rates. 


Prices do not include Washington State Sales Tax.

Flight Instruction is non-taxable.


Instruction Hourly Rates

Flight Instruction     $68.00/HR

Ground Instruction  $68.00/HR

Discovery Flight

30 minute ground + 30 minute flight. . . $150.00


30 minute ground + 1 hour flight. . . $200.00

Schedule a Discovery Flight with us! 

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Why Take Flight Lessons?

With the current national pilot shortage, timing has never been better to start a career as a pilot! 


Getting your private pilot's license now can truly kickstart your career in aviation. 


A pilot career is incredibly rewarding! Not only is flying an aircraft fun, it will connect you to people around the world, give you a better appreciation for the industry, pay you to travel, and keep you learning throughout your career. Aviation is a unique industry, from airlines to corporate, to crop dusting, there are so many options to choose from, especially for those looking for a breake from the 9-5. 

Meet Our Team!


Jonathon Buchholtz CFI


Annie Slippy CFII


Richard Edgerton CFII


Ron Bellamy CFII MEI 

We are excited to fly with you!


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