Meet Our Team!


Jonathon Buchholtz 



Annie Slippy 


Richard Edgerton


Richard was fascinated with flight from an early age and eventually flew an airplane in the spring of his senior year of high school. Flight training progressed slowly, hindered by work, family, school, and a variety of distractions. One summer he scheduled nothing but flight training and earned his first Private Pilot, Single Engine Land Certificate. Richard built time and continued training, earning his Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Seaplane, and Multi-Engine Pilot certificates. Richard is a part-time flight instructor at AFS while volunteering at the Air Force Auxiliary, Angel Flight, First Time Flyers, Fly it Forward, and Girls Fly.  




Ron Bellamy,Ed. D, CFII in Gliders, Single Engine Land, Multi Engine land. 


Former KVI Skywatch Pilot, Charter Pilot  



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Why Take Flight Lessons?

With the current national pilot shortage, timing has never been better to start a career as a pilot! 


Getting your private pilot's license now can truly kickstart your career in aviation. 


A pilot career is incredibly rewarding! Not only is flying an aircraft fun, it will connect you to people around the world, give you a better appreciation for the industry, pay you to travel, and keep you learning throughout your career. Aviation is a unique industry, from airlines to corporate, to crop dusting, there are so many options to choose from, especially for those looking for a breake from the 9-5. 

Meet Our Team!


Jonathon Buchholtz CFI


Annie Slippy CFII


Richard Edgerton CFII


Ron Bellamy CFII MEI 

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